Zu Qigong

Connecting with the energy of Heaven and Earth. Linking mind and body, from head to toe, supporting and encouraging health and well-being.

Simple, gentle and effective.

A unique approach to energy therapy, encouraging the therapist to move out of the head and into the heart. Letting go of the conditioned clinical thinking and engaging in a holistic partnership with the client. A liberating approach for a new era.

We are all connected via the energy of the Universe. In these stressful times it is important to make space in your life for peaceful connection to the energetic matrix for support of the individual and the collective. It is time to make a conscious connection.

Qi – the energy of life. The energy of the Universe, the beautiful energy that surrounds us, enveloping and pervading everything that we are, see, feel, think, and touch. We can embrace this energy and working with care and compassion, use the energy to support and encourage health and wellbeing for ourselves and each other.


If you have previously visited this site, you may be surprised at the changes here! As you will see this website is now dedicated to all things Zu Qigong – a Zu Qigong resource for anyone interested in exploring this unique approach to therapeutic energy work.

Zu Qigong is an energy-based therapy that is accessible to everyone – in its simplest format, “Qi-Laxation” can be used by carers, nurses or members of the public looking for a way to help and support others in these stressful times, and for the experienced therapist the Zu Qigong technique, once mastered, can be used as a stand-alone therapy or blended with other therapies to support and encourage health and well-being.

Can’t find the answer to a question or would like more information? Please just drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

Email: elspeth@footpaththerapies.co.uk.

Zu Qigong

Zu Qigong can be described as a simple, energy-based technique that uses a specific sequence of gentle touch movements applied to the feet and lower legs, effectively delivering energy (Qi) into the energy distribution network of the body – the meridian system. Read more →

To watch a short introduction to Zu Qigong            click here


Qi-Laxation is a very simplified adaptation of the full Zu Qigong technique. It is accessible to therapist and non-therapist alike. As the name suggests this technique is designed to use the power of Qi – the vibration of life – to assist with achieving deep relaxation of mind and body. Read more →

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Qi-Laxation Training video now also available

Training Manual

Now available to buy via the website shop in 2 formats - a physical book or as a PDF download.


       Book - £35 + p&p dependent on postal location.

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