As a therapist I offer a holistic approach to all therapy sessions, diagnosing and treating specific conditions is not part of the ethos at Footpath Therapies. The aim of the therapies used is to provide relaxation for mind and body - encouraging and supporting your body's natural healing abilities, assisting the inherent ability of the body to adjust and repair itself. Only gentle touch techniques are used and these are suitable for the majority of clients including children and those receiving palliative care. if you are of the mind set  "no pain no gain" and prefer deep pressure techniques then the therapies offered at Footpath Therapies may not be best suited to your requirements. Not too sure? - then why not book a 30 minute taster session, you might be surprised at how beneficial gentle touch techniques can be.

Each therapy session is adapted to the client's requirements on the day - this means that although you may have booked for Zu Qigong, following an assessment and discussion at the beginning of your session, and with your permission, I may include additional techniques such as gentle massage, acupressure etc. in order to provide optimum support.

Simple, gentle, and effective.

The therapist does not heal - all healing comes from within.