Summer 2020, and at Footpath Therapies it is time to close one chapter and make way for the beginning of a new way of working.......a fresh new chapter.

Just as Covid-19 has brought about many changes for the world in general, and as we slowly begin to embrace the “new normal” that is now being created within society, there is also a new era being ushered in at Footpath Therapies. Back in the winter of 2019, when I announced my planned semi-retirement for this year, I could never have envisaged then the dramatic changes that the pandemic was about to bring into our lives.

Call it fate, coincidence or a 6th sense, but I made the decision last year that I would be stepping back from private practice in the summer of 2020. Having worked from home for over 19 years, welcoming clients into my home based therapy room on a daily basis, I felt that it was time to reclaim the sanctuary and privacy of our home, make space in my life for other projects, including the continued expansion and development of Zu Qigong, allowing more time for writing, researching and teaching as well as factoring in that all important "me" time.

Now, as my therapy colleagues try to unravel the constantly changing and often confusing advice coming from the government, getting to grips with the necessary planning and preparations for their return to work - preparing to meet the infection control requirements that this will entail, not to mention the ever present threat of additional restrictions that potential future local lockdowns may entail, I am somewhat relieved to be able to step back from all the complicated post Covid regulations. Although I will be continuing to work at Footpath Therapies I will now only be offering distance Zu Qigong sessions, quite a dramatic change from all my previous "hands on" therapies, and an approach that I am excited about developing further. This will enable me to offer support to clients without the limitations of distance / location, shielding, or any future virus outbreaks - to learn more about this therapy, please follow the link: Distance Zu Qigong.

In due course, when social distancing is no longer an issue I will again begin to arrange Zu Qigong workshops for therapists, care workers, nurses etc.  Workshops.

I am letting go of the past to make way for the new....every exit is effectively an entrance into something new.

 "Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge." -- Eckhart Tolle

A new era begins for Footpath Therapies.