Vibration – The Power of Gentle Touch

We should never underestimate the benefits of simple touch for our physical and mental health……..medicine quite literally at our fingertips. If you have ever received or delivered a Zu Qigong session then you will be aware that despite the simplicity … Continue reading »

For The Love of Feet!

This is a brief account of why and how Zu Qigong (Foot Energy Work) came about…… the story that lies behind the technique! “………the real dilemma is what to do when you love working on feet but find yourself at … Continue reading »

Reflexology – A Reflective Review

Those of you who are familiar with my previous blog articles will know that, until now, I have focused primarily on my personal attempts to try and make sense of and unravel the mechanisms and theories involved in reflexology – … Continue reading »

Reflexology Theory – Do the Facts Still Fit ?

Encouraged by the positive response I  had to my previous blog post back in March, I have decided to put a few more of my thoughts about reflexology down “on paper”.  I know that once again there will be those … Continue reading »

Reflexology – Some Lateral Thinking!

This is the first time I have used this website blog to publish my thoughts on reflexology. I know that many who read this will disagree with my train of thought but at the very least I aim to spark … Continue reading »

My New Website!!

I hope that all visitors, new and existing, to this site are impressed with the new design and layout. A huge thanks to the team at Health Hosts who transformed and upgraded my previous web site in just a couple … Continue reading »