As we move into a new era of social distancing post Covid-19, with the ever present potential for further waves of infection, and the possibility of local lockdowns being required, it is time for therapists and clients to think “outside the square” and look at different ways to support health and wellbeing, approaches that circumnavigate any future pandemic problems. Exploring self help techniques and stepping back from the normal hands on approach to therapies seems a logical development as we move towards a "new normal" in society. At Footpath Therapies, as well as offering advice on self-help, I am now focusing on providing clients with Distance / Remote Zu Qigong sessions.

As outlined previously, Zu Qigong is an energy based therapy and as such is suitable for use as a distance therapy technique. Most people look at energy therapy in a very hands-on sort of way - the client and practitioner in the same space with the practitioner having physical or near-physical contact with the client. This is an accurate picture of an energy healing session and is how Zu Qigong has generally been offered to clients, but it is far from the only method of energy healing. Distance energy therapy can be equally effective and in some cases more so. For many people I appreciate that distance energy therapy may seem too strange or simply a hoax. However, distance “healing” or therapy, has been used across the centuries by many different cultures around the world. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: How does distant energy therapy work?

The short answer is nobody knows. This might sound worrying and rather confusing at first because the human tendency is to demand to know before we can believe. However, the truth is that we do not know how many things in the Universe work. For example, quantum Physics continues to keep physicists scratching their heads. They know that something is happening, but do not know how and what exactly.

Many people dismiss the fact that distant energy therapy works. To be sceptical at first when confronted with a new idea is understandable. The human condition is such that the mind needs to have a model of understanding that fits into our current view of the world. When we are confronted with a new concept, that does not have a frame of reference, we often prematurely dismiss the idea at once.

Many studies have been done on distant energy therapy and the question IF it works has already been answered. Even though such studies have proven the validity of distant energy therapy, this knowledge has not made it into the mainstream awareness. Why is that? Because we lack a scientific understanding of HOW it works. Although science cannot yet provide us with all of the answers this should not prevent us from using this approach to support health and wellbeing, afterall ancient civilisations and our ancestors have all benefited from distance energy techniques across the centuries. Indeed, it is also the case that for many holistic therapies, the exact mechanisms of action remain elusive, yet these therapies are used regularly and provide wide ranging benefits for clients.

As a therapist and scientist, I too needed to be sure that distance Zu Qigong would be effective. To that end I ran a pilot project over a period of several weeks during the summer of 2020, working with clients around the UK and overseas to deliver distance Zu Qigong sessions. The results were remarkable with distance making no discernable difference to the effectiveness, clients reporting very similar outcomes to physical sessions and in some cases appears to have been more effective, something that may be attributable to the fact that clients are able to relax more deeply being in the comfort of their own home, and do not then have to travel immediately post therapy?


What to Expect from a Distance Zu Qigong Session.

  • Distance sessions begin with a short "face to face"  consultation (approx 5 - 10 minutes) via Skype, Zoom or Messenger - the choice is yours, arranged when you book your session. This consultation gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have and allows me to explain the procedure, discuss any concerns you may have, give any relevant advice regarding follow up and aftercare etc. and connect with you visually which aids the transfer of energy.
  • You can then make yourself comfortable wherever you choose - lounge, bedroom, garden. Ensure that you will not be disturbed, switch off your mobile to calls. You may want to have some background music.........whatever helps you to relax.
  • Allow yourself to relax, initially taking some slow deep breaths can help with this. Everyone's experience of energy work will be different, some clients report feeling tingling, warmth or coolness, a deep sense of peace and relaxation similar to meditation, muscle twitching.....there is no right or wrong, your body knows where and how to direct the energy. Many people find themselves drifting off to sleep waking as the session comes to an end.
  • Your session will usually last around 45- 50 minutes, I will message you once the session is complete. Give yourself time to "come to", don't rush to get up. Once fully awake you may feel slightly chilly, need to go to the bathroom, or feel thirsty - all normal responses to energy work! Take it easy for the rest of the day and if thirsty drink water rather than coffee / tea/ alcohol.
  • A brief message or email later in the day to let me know how you are after the session is always helpful.



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