Zu Qigong Introductory Workshops

This Workshop is CPD approved
by the Association of Reflexologists.

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Zu Qigong

Foot Energy Work

ying1blueAn EXTRA Dimension in Reflexology

2 Day Introductory Workshop

This workshop was originally designed for qualified reflexologists (minimum Level 3 qualification), with an interest in and basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theory. However it is now apparent that suitably qualified body therapists and Qigong practitioner may also find this workshop of interest, adding  additional and useful techniques to their skills set.

Zu Qigong applies the simple holistic approach of reflexology as originally developed by Eunice Ingham, however rather than focusing on the physiology and disease process of the body this technique is entirely focused on the energy delivery or meridian system. Zu Qigong brings together the disciplines of Reflexology and Qigong.

Accessing the 20 main energy channels i.e. the Eight Extraordinary Vessels & the 12 Regular Meridians, this approach to reflexology enables the practitioner to work with the energy system without the complication of having to “diagnose” or assess which meridian lies at the root of a problem, working with the natural flow of the body’s energy network, encouraging the body to make its own adjustments rather than forcing a change through stimulating and sedating reflexes.

A deceptively simple routine that provides a therapeutic outcome that is gentle on both the practitioner and the recipient, producing powerful holistic benefits.

The aim of the introductory workshop is to :-
• Outline the development of Zu Qigong.
• Introduce the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.
• Provide a brief overview of the underlying theories; The Anatomical Reflection Theory and the Bio-holographic Theory.
• Demonstrate how to access and balance the Eight Extraordinary Vessels enabling their incorporation into a reflexology or body work treatment session.
• Ayurvedic meets TCM; the relevance of the Extraordinary Vessels in explaining the 7 chakras.
• Look at the significance of the Extraordinary Vessels in interpreting some of the anatomical anomalies of the classical reflexology foot map. The missing links in reflexology?
• Provide the therapist with a brief, but hopefully informative insight into Zu Qigong, encouraging some discussion and lateral thinking !!

Attendance at the introductory workshop is a pre-requirement to attending the Zu Qigong practitioner training workshop.


For information about individual workshops please see up-coming dates page.