Please note that you should allow an additional 15 mins for your first treatment in order to complete paperwork, discuss your treatment plan, and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Reflexology / Zu Qigong

£30 / 60 mins

  • A “fusion” of reflexology techniques – principally Zu Qigong

Hot Stones Zu Qigong

£38 / 75 mins

  • A special treat for the winter months! A foot massage incorporating warmed basalt stones followed by a full Zu Qigong treatment.

Cheery Feet

£18 / 30 mins

  • Reflexology for children. A short session using very light touch and adapted for each individual child.

Not sure if reflexology / Zu Qigong is the therapy for you? Then why not try a taster session … you might be surprised!

Reflexology / Zu Qigong Taster Session

£18 / 30 mins


£30 / 60 mins