Zu Qigong Workshops


Zu Qigong

Foot Energy Work

AoR CPD approved workshops

Zu Qigong provides a gentle therapeutic approach, there is no diagnosing, stimulating or sedating of reflexes, simply designed to encourage the natural flow and rebalancing of Qi throughout the body. This technique can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques or as a stand alone therapy. With its simplicity and calming, gentle approach, Zu Qigong once mastered, can offer a meditative type experience for recipient and practitioner alike…………. A pleasure to give and receive.

• Are you interested in meridian based reflexology techniques?

• Are you aware that the meridian system, as defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine, consists of much more than the 12 regular meridians that most reflexologists are familiar with?

• As a reflexologist have you ever questioned the accuracy of the traditional reflexology maps, for example, why 2 solar plexus reflexes on either side of the body when there is only one solar plexus (anatomically correctly termed the Coeliac plexus) in the body,? Perhaps you have wondered why the ovary reflexes are represented on the lateral heel quadrants when the ovaries are physically located close to the uterus?…………many anomalies exist in the classical reflexology foot maps. The wider meridian system could hold the key to understanding some of these anomalies.


Zu Qigong – foot energy work, may offer you an interesting and thought provoking alternative approach to working on the feet.

If you would be interested in arranging an introductory workshop in your area or would like more information then please do get in touch. www.footpaththerapies.co.uk