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Zu Qigong Practitioner Training Workshops

Following on from the very successful 2 day introductory workshop held in Dunfermline at the start of November, I am now in the process of writing a practitioner training workshop which should be ready to go in the spring – hopefully March 2015.

Any therapist wishing to participate in the practitioner workshop will be required to have previously attended the introductory workshop. If you would like to arrange an introductory workshop within your local area then please get in touch to discuss. I am happy to travel providing you can offer a venue close to a main line train station or airport. Preferred class size minimum 6 maximum 10 participants.




Association of Reflexologists CPD Approval.

I am delighted to announce that the Zu Qigong Introductory Workshops have now been fully accredited and CPD approved by the AoR . If you are unable to attend the next Introductory Workshop but would like to arrange one in your local area then please contact me to discuss, I am happy to travel to present this workshop.

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Now Published!!

I am delighted to announce that “Zu Qigong – Foot Energy Work” is now published and available to buy via the web site shop, price £28 + P&P. Purchases are secured via Pay Pal.

The next Introductory workshop is arranged for 1st & 2nd November 2014 and will be held at the Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline, Fife. Full details can be found on the “workshop tab” https://www.footpaththerapies.co.uk/introductory-workshops/



 News Archive


Book Update

Just a quick update for those of you who are asking about “THE BOOK” Pleased to report that the end is now in sight – but before you get too excited that means another few weeks before I’ll be cracking open the champagne!!!!

• The wall chart of my Zu Qigong foot maps is now finalised and at the printers – woohoo!!! A massive thank you to Kevin McKee, graphic designer, for all his patience as I tweaked, twiddled and fiddled with his design, poor guy must have been driven demented by me!!
• Book cover ready to go – again a big thanks to Kevin.
• Editing completed.
• Design and layout almost done just being re-checked and tweaked by my publisher, Duncan Lockerbie, Lumphanan Press. (My knight in shining armour!)
• Proof reading currently being arranged.
• Still to do – the dreaded indexing! It’s going to be a tricky job but the last big hurdle………

Then final polishing and off to the printers. Fingers crossed end of June or early July should see us cross the finishing line, then the hard work will really begin because I have to sell a lot of books and run lots of workshops to recoup all the money….gulp!


Spring 2014

I can’t believe that it’s mid March and spring is just around the corner, the days are slowly stretching out and spring bulbs bursting into life – and no snow to speak of this year, very unusual! 

2014 has got off to a flying start here at Footpath Therapies, with lots of behind the scenes activity for my Zu Qigong project. At the end of January I finally handed over the Zu Qigong  manuscript to my publisher, Duncan Lockerbie of Lumphanan Press, who will now take the book through the many processes required for publication. This is a painstaking process that will take a few months to complete but what’s a few more weeks when it has taken years of work to get to this point – I just have to be patient !! 🙄

Meanwhile I have been working with a talented graphic designer; Kevin McKee, www.kevinmckee.co.uk who has created a lovely new wall chart for me showing the Zu Qigong foot maps. Copies of the wall chart will be available for therapists to buy at workshops or via this website. In addition Kevin has also been designing a cover for the book, an important part of the publishing process. Regardless of what people say we do judge a book by its cover!!

I am delighted that my article on Zu Qigong  was published in the March edition of “Reflexions”, the quarterly magazine produced by the Association of Reflexologists. This is the first mainstream, public outing for Zu Qigong  and I am nervously waiting to see what feedback / interest I will receive from the wider reflexology community, only time will tell.

For now I am putting together material for training workshops and researching suitable venues. The next introductory workshop will be arranged following publication of the book. Please drop me an email if you would like to be kept informed of upcoming dates for these workshops. Although initially I intend to offer introductory and training workshops locally, once fully up and running I will be happy to travel. So if you know of a group of reflexologists, preferably 6 – 10 people, who would like to learn more about Zu Qigong and you can organise a venue, then please do get in touch.





Update and news for Footpath Therapies 2014

Firstly I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2014 will be a healthy, happy and successful one for you.

2014 is certainly going to be a very important year for Footpath Therapies with several new and exciting challenges ahead. As you may be aware over the past 3 years, I have been working away, developing a new reflexology technique Zu Qigong. This technique is now fully integrated into the reflexology treatments that I offer and feedback from my clients has been very positive. If you would like to learn more about Zu Qigong then please have a read through the information on this website. As with all new techniques there is a continuing process of development and undoubtedly the Zu Qigong technique will continue to evolve and develop over the coming months and years.

I completed the first draft of a book on the subject of Zu Qigong in the autumn of last year. The book is written for reflexologists and is designed to be used alongside introductory & training workshops providing an insight into the underlying theories, development and practical application of this new approach to reflexology. I am delighted that I have now found a publisher who is brave enough to take on the challenge :lol:and the publication process is due to begin in January, so fingers crossed within a few months the book will finally be in print.

Additionally I have submitted an article to the Association of Reflexologists for publication in the next edition of the professional journal “Reflexions”. I should know by the end of January whether my article has been accepted, however feedback from the editor has been positive, so I am very hopeful.

Last October I ran the first introductory workshop on Zu Qigong  for qualified reflexologists, which proved to be very successful and I am currently developing an additional 4 day training workshop package. I have started to receive enquiries from some of my reflexology colleagues about training and anticipate that this will gradually increase as word spreads; indeed I have already accepted a provisional booking for November, to run an introductory workshop at the British College of Chi-Reflexology based in Sheffield. The training workshops will initially only take place during weekends and will therefore not impact on the day to day running of Footpath Therapies or the availability of appointments but with one small exception. I have decided to reduce my evening hours slightly and the last available appointment will now be 7pm rather than 7.30pm. At present I regularly find myself working until 9pm which, as I am sure you will appreciate, is a very long working day and, not being as young as I used to be, I do get quite tired 🙄 . If I am tired then I am less likely to be providing a good therapeutic treatment session, and this is something I do not want to compromise on. I have always endeavoured to provide thorough, holistic treatments with a relaxed and unhurried approach for my clients and I will continue to do so, however I do need to look after myself too and a shorter working evening will allow me to have a little more time to relax and recharge my batteries!! Apologies to those of you who will be affected by this change, I hope you will understand why I feel it is necessary.

Finally and regrettably, as from the 1st March my charges will be increasing by £2, from £25 up to £27. It is 3 years since I last increased my charges and in the intervening years fuel prices have rocketed, keeping the treatment room nice and cosy costs!  Additionally there have been increases in professional insurance, registration & membership fees, CPD training etc. – all of which are mandatory for professional practice. I hope that this small increase will be the last for another few years.

Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to seeing you soon.



An Update for Zu Qigong July 2013

Patience has never been one of my strong points but the process of trying to write and publish a book has pushed me to breaking point!!! If I had realised how slow and frustrating this whole process was going to be I doubt I would ever have started the writing. Yes I know that my book on Zu Qigong could at best be described as “niche” and is never going to be a best seller in Waterstones but it does represent several years of research and hard work – it is my “baby” and I desperately want to get this project to completion.

The book is essentially written, the first draft was completed in early May, editing and re-writing of some chapters in the first section is complete, but now I have to sit and patiently await feedback from my peers – a very slow process. When introducing a new technique it can be difficult to see the flaws and gaps in your own work / writing etc. hence the need for peer review and everyone is so busy, with very limited time to devote to reviewing my work. Meanwhile behind the scenes work on the book continues with type setting, to be followed by more rewriting, professional editing, indexing…….designing a book cover, ISBN numbers, self-publishing, printing, distributing…. The list is endless and each stage of the process takes weeks if not months, so frustrating and only made worse by my limited abilities when it comes to modern technology.

However, undaunted by this lack of progress, I have decided that rather than sitting and twiddling my thumbs it is time for action and I will be running my first Introduction to Zu Qigong workshop on Saturday 26th October 2013. Details of venue (Kinross area), cost etc will be confirmed within the next couple of weeks. The workshop will be open to qualified reflexologists, and is aimed at practitioners with an interest in meridian theory, energy work etc. If you, or anyone you know – spread the word ! – may be interested in attending then please contact me via my web site www.footpaththerapies.co.uk Numbers will be limited to 6 for this initial workshop.

I hope to offer further introductory workshops and training weekends throughout 2014.

My aim is to share something new with the reflexology world, offer a new and exciting perspective on reflexology, the therapy that I am most passionate about.

  • Zu Qigong brings together the disciplines of; Reflexology, Chi-Reflexology and Qigong.
  • The Zu Qigong technique is deceptively simple providing a very gentle approach for both the client and practitioner, producing a powerful effect at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Enables the reflexologist to work with the 20 main meridians; 8 Extraordinary Vessels and 12 Regular Meridians.
  • The aim of Zu Qigong is to work with the natural flow of Qi around the body, encouraging the body to restore and maintain its own unique natural equilibrium. There is no “diagnosing” or analysing of the symptoms a client presents with, no deliberate sedation or stimulating of reflexes.
  • Zu Qigong takes the practitioner back to the simple holistic basics of reflexology as originally developed by Eunice Ingham, but instead of focusing on the physiology of the body it is entirely focused on the energy delivery or meridian system.

“The therapist may offer assistance, only nature can heal.”