Zu Qigong Practitioner Workshops

Zu Qigong

Foot Energy Work

AoR CPD approved workshop


Zu Qigong is a gentle therapeutic technique, working only on the feet and ankles, combining the underlying theories of reflexology and Qigong. There is no diagnosing, stimulating or sedating of reflexes, merely encouraging the natural flow of Qi. By removing the physiology of disease from the therapeutic equation and completely focusing on the energy network, diagnosis ceases to be important, enabling the therapist to focus on their own sensory perception and energy exchange, working with what is actually detected rather than what is expected. Zu Qigong, with its simplicity and calming, gentle approach, once mastered, can offer a meditative type experience for practitioner and recipient alike…………. A pleasure to give and receive!


2 Day Practitioner Workshop

This 2 day Practitioner Workshop is designed to follow on from the Introductory Workshop, providing the therapist with the additional skills and knowledge required to offer clients a full Zu Qigong treatment. Please note that participants are required to have previously attended the Introductory Workshop.

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • A brief overview / revision of the main topics covered during the introductory workshop, including the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.
  • Revision of the techniques used to access and balance the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.
  • Explores the basic theories of TCM, including Yin & Yang, Zang/Fu organs, 5 Elements/Phases, 5 Element cycles and relationships and how to apply this theory in Zu Qigong, and the Horary Cycle (Clock Cycle) and its use in Zu Qigong. .
  • Mapping the physical and reflected pathways of the 12 regular meridians on the feet.
  • Working with the 12 regular meridians via the feet.(6 foot meridians & 6 hand meridians)
  • Balancing the regular meridians using the Horary Cycle.
  • Integrating all techniques and balances to provide the full Zu Qigong treatment sequence.
  • How to adapt Zu Qigong to work in conjunction with other reflexology techniques, specific client groups etc.



Please note – Practitioners will be required to submit case studies to complete this workshop; 20 recorded treatments working with 4 to 6 different clients, submitted within a 4 month period following the workshop.


 I look forward to sharing the Zu Qigong technique with you.