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Zu Qigong

Foot Energy Work


A new gentle touch therapy

Simple, calming and
deeply relaxing.

Information for Therapists

Zu Qigong (pronounced Zoo Chee Kong) is a new therapeutic technique, applying a very light touch and working only on the feet and lower legs. A deceptively simple routine providing a therapeutic outcome that is gentle on both the practitioner and the recipient, producing powerful holistic benefits.

Why Zu Qigong?

Zu (pronounced zoo) is the Chinese word for Foot /Feet

Qi – translates as Energy, Vitality or Life

Gong – translates as Working With, Developing or Cultivating

Qigong can therefore be interpreted as:
• Working with energy
• Developing vitality
• Cultivating life

Giving us:
“Zu Qigong – Foot Energy Work”

The Zu Qigong technique is based on the anatomical reflection theory of reflexology and bio-holographic theory, and applies the underlying principles of Qigong.
• Simple, gentle, fluid movement.
• Working with the inherent Qi / energy flow patterns of the body.
• Applying the 5 elements / phases theory.
• Mental stillness – meditation.
• Relaxed, focused breathing.

Zu Qigong is designed to work with the Meridian / Energy Network as defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), accessing the 20 main energy channels i.e. the Eight Extraordinary Vessels & the 12 Regular Meridians. In applying the 5 elements theories of TCM, the Zu Qigong therapist does NOT diagnose, stimulate or sedate, and there is no requirement to memorise the location of numerous acupoints. This technique is designed to encourage the natural flow of Qi, applying a gentle sequence of movements and light touch.

Removing the physiology of disease from the therapeutic equation and focusing only on the energy network / meridians, then diagnosis ceases to be important, enabling the therapist to focus on their own sensory perception and energy exchange, working with what is actually detected rather than what is expected, providing a holistic approach.

Zu Qigong can be used as a stand alone treatment or blended with any reflexology or body work technique. Suitable for a wide range of clients, the gentle, calming, and deeply relaxing effects make it a useful approach to offer clients suffering from stress related ailments and is particularly suitable for vulnerable client groups such as the elderly, palliative care patients, children and learning disabled.

Qualified therapists with an interest in energy work and those working with clients in hospices, care homes and day centres may find Zu Qigong a useful addition to their skills set. Zu Qigong may also be of interest to therapists working in the Spa industry where deep relaxation is the desired outcome for clients.

Zu Qigong, with its simplicity and calming, gentle approach, once mastered, can offer a meditative type experience for practitioner and recipient alike…………. A pleasure to give and receive.

Zu Qigong applies a simple algorithm designed to:
• Relax the mind and body – “Power down the system”
• Encourage the natural flow of Qi – “re-boot”
• Encourage a balanced flow of Qi – “run a systems check”

As therapists we continue to see increasing numbers of clients suffering from stress related ailments. We cannot alter their day to day levels of stress, that is down to the individual, their mindset and how they are living their lives but we can offer them a therapeutic approach that provides a coping mechanism, helping to relax the mind and body, re-establish some internal balance and encourage the natural healing process. We know that the human body achieves the majority of its repair work during periods of relaxation and sleep, the deep relaxation that Zu Qigong appears to induce can therefore only be beneficial in the battle against stress.

“A Yin approach to counteract the Yang excesses of Western lifestyle.”

Interested in learning more?

CPD Workshops are available to suitably qualified therapists:
Reflexologists, Body Work Therapists, Qigong Practitioners

Training is carried out in 2 stages:
PART 1 – A 2 day Introductory Workshop
Followed by
PART 2 – A 2 Day Practitioner Workshop
These workshops are CPD approved by The Association of Reflexologists
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If you would like further information or would be interested in attending or arranging a workshop in your local area then please contact me via the contact page on this website.