A contemporary approach to the ancient therapeutic art of external Qigong.


Zu Qigong can be described as a simple, energy-based technique that uses a specific sequence of gentle touch movements applied to the feet and lower legs, effectively delivering energy (Qi) into the energy distribution network of the body – the meridian system. Specifically designed to support and encourage the overall health and wellbeing of the individual, unlike many contemporary therapies, this technique is not about diagnosing or treating specific ailments or conditions, but instead offers a truly holistic approach. With this technique the therapist can step back from the clinical focus of many contemporary therapies and apply a simple, holistic philosophy. No repetitive strain on the therapist’s hands and fingers, no diagnosing or treating specific symptoms, an unconditional and gentle exchange of energy (Qi), providing a mindful, relaxing, and meditative experience for client and therapist alike. Zu Qigong acknowledges that, given the correct internal and external environmental conditions, the human body has the inherent capacity to repair and maintain its own unique healthy function, understanding that the mind and body work in unison and are interdependent for health and wellbeing. Zu Qigong offers effective support at all levels, physical, mental, and emotional, remembering that it is not the therapist who heals, all healing comes from within. This therapy is delivered unconditionally, an interaction between therapist and client, offering support with care and compassion, accepting that all change is directed by the recipient’s mind and body not forced or controlled by the therapist.

Zu Qigong applies the theories of Qigong combined with the basic underlying principle of reflexology i.e. the concept that different points on the feet correspond to specific areas of the body. However, this technique differs significantly from reflexology; there is no focused pressure applied to the feet, no thumb walking or reference to specific reflex areas and their related physiology and disease process. Zu Qigong is designed to work directly with the “energy system” as defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), encouraging the circulation of Qi or energy via the network of meridians / energy channels. It is this energy system that is used in treatments such as acupuncture and acupressure massage and provides the theoretical basis for the exercise disciplines of Taiji and Qigong. Although the meridian pathways remain scientifically unproven, Eastern physicians have successfully applied the theories involved for centuries. In Zu Qigong the feet are viewed as providing a gateway to the 20 main energy channels of the meridian network, giving access to the 12 Regular Meridians and the lesser known and deepest channels, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. When applying the 5 elements theories of TCM, the Zu Qigong therapist does not diagnose, stimulate or sedate, and there is no requirement to memorise the location of numerous acupoints. This technique is designed specifically to encourage the natural flow of Qi, applying a gentle sequence of movements and light touch.

To learn more about the "back story" to Zu Qigong, follow this link   https://www.footpaththerapies.co.uk/the-back-story-to-zuqigong/

Simple, gentle and effective.

An Introduction To Zu Qigong - Foot Energy Work

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Although it is difficult to summarise a topic that is so multi-faceted, this powerpoint presentation gives a brief introduction to the theories and philosophies that underpin Zu Qigong. (approx. 25 mins in length, fully narrated so you will need to switch on your sound) I hope you will find it interesting and if you would like further information please drop me an email via the contact page.

Click on this link to watch:   https://youtu.be/sP77KfzvN-k


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